Senior Spotlight


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"Ashton Claire Long has been playing high school basketball for 4 years, two at varsity level .She graduated with PCC Honors, Advanced Honors, and NHS. She plans to attend OSU in the fall. We Are so proud of Ashton!" - Love, Your Family 

"Ashton has been a part of the varsity squad the last couple of years and is one of the hardest workers there is. Ash has blossomed into such an awesome leader, always putting her teammates first and celebrating everyone’s successes. She is always striving to get better and constantly asking the coaching staff what she can do to up her game. Ash will be so missed among everyone in this program!

Our favorite memory of Ashton is probably how intensely scary she looks when she is dribbling and has her goggles on. She looks like a possessed person and gets after it! "- Lauren Howard (head coach)

"Ashton is the perfect teammate and representation of our Lady Bowmen program! She continues putting the time and effort in every season with a big smile on her face!! She’s the first girl off the bench cheering for her teammates and it never goes unnoticed!!

Funny fact about Ashton: I’ve probably waved to her over a 100 times these past two seasons, when I see her driving her truck.. Do you think she’s ever waved back??? Nope, she never even see’s me… 🤦‍♂️😂" - Grant McCulloch (head varsity assistant coach)

"Funny and a good team player."


"You are so kind and always smiling!"


"Ashton always is such a great teammate and is always so loud on and off the court she brings such great energy to the team!"


"Literally love your sarcasm and energy during games and at practices and your smile is so contagious."


"You were such a fun person to play with and always one of the loudest people, whether you were playing or on the bench!"


- Teammates