Senior Spotlight


Elise - Baby Photo.jpeg
Elise - Game Day Photo.jpeg

"We are so proud and love Elise so much.  She is a hard worker and a good friend.  She will be attending Utah State University in the fall.  We are excited to see where life takes her!" - Marnie (mom) and Eric (dad)

"Elise has been on Varsity the last two seasons and continues to wow everyone with her sharp shooting and her ability to get to the rim, even though 9 times out of 10 she is the smallest player on the court. Her kind spirit and leadership has helped grow this program the last couple years and she will truly be missed!

My favorite memory of Elise is her always being everyone’s hype man on the bus. She is the one blaring the music and belting out every song she hears. It always brings a great vibe to the team before and after games." - Lauren Howard (head coach)

"Elise Evans is such a fun, carefree individual. We can ask her to do anything on the basketball court and Elise will go out there and do it. She doesn’t question us, she just does it. She is such a great teammate and a very coachable athlete!


​One of my favorite things about Elise this season are the bus rides to and from games. The music is always blaring and Elise is the first one belting out the words to the songs, having no care in the world… just being herself! I will miss having Elise around and will miss her funny spirit." - Grant McCulloch (head varsity assistant coach)

"You are so sweet and such a great leader on this team! Thanks for being awesome!"


"Elise is the most positive person and always working hard and is such a great teammate."


"Super positive and so so sweet and a great leader." 


"You were such a good teammate and always so kind to everyone! I also loved how you always worked so hard!"


- Teammates