Senior Spotlight


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"Hallie Lou amazes us everyday with her determination and hard work in everything that she does.  She puts her heart into everything and it shows with the success that follows. Loving sister, helpful daughter, compassionate friend. She’s Heading to Oregon State in the Fall to study kinesiology.  We are so incredibly proud of her and excited to see what your future holds." - Karen (mom) and Jeremy (dad) 

"Hallie is one of the kindest, most hardworking but intense people we have in this program. Her passion for the game reflects in what she has been able to accomplish on the court. Hallie has been on varsity the last couple of years and has made so many improvements over that short time. Her confidence in herself and her teammates is unmatched and fun to watch. Hallie is going to be greatly missed and we cannot wait to see where life takes her!


We have a few favorite memories of Hallie… it could be her leaving her water bottle everywhere she goes, or her impersonations of teammates falls. She really commits to the impersonation too and makes it feel real!" - Lauren Howard (head coach)

"Hallie is an absolute beast!!! I love her drive and determination to get better every time she’s on the court!! She has put in the time in the off season and it has paid off for her and our team!!! I couldn’t be more proud of the player she’s turned into!! 


Funny fact about Hallie, is everything is chill, chill in her mind!!! She wants everyone to relax and calm down.. We love that about her!!! She also can’t remember her water bottle!!! As a coaching staff, we’d be cleaning up and putting stuff away. There would always be one hydro flask left. We’d look at each other and say 'Romig left another one'.. 😂"- Grant McCulloch (head varsity assistant coach)

"Super nice and always cheerful and lifts up the team."


"Hallie is such a determined player and has always tried to improve her skills she is such an amazing hard worker and ima gonna miss her so much." 


“'Chill, chill' thanks for being such a fun teammate!"


"Literally so good at giving advice! On and off the court. Will literally remember it for the rest of my life."


"You light up any room you walk into, you are super nice and a great team player."


"You are such a hard worker and such a good teammate! You always had a positive attitude which is one of the things I admire about you!"


- Teammates