Senior Spotlight


Joley - Baby Photo.jpeg

"Joley, you are such a Blessing. It has been our joy watching you grow into a wonderful young lady. Your work ethic, character and love for others will serve you well in life. We are so proud of all of your accomplishments, academically and athletically. YOU DID IT!! Excited to watch you spread your wings at Biola University. Love you, Mom and Dad."

"Joley has been a part of the varsity team for the last four years. Her ability to defend anyone you match her up against is something that cannot be replaced. Her amazing work ethic and dedication to all her sports is very inspiring and we can only hope it rubs off on all our athletes in the program. Jo is a huge game changer in our program and will be very missed by us all. But we are grateful to continue to cheer on her college track dreams as well as her intermural basketball career!

Our favorite memory of Jo is when the whole team bet coach Lauren that she could not make a half court shot and if she did, they would all buy her a Dutch. Well coach Lauren made the shot and the ONLY person to pay up on their bet was Jo!" - Lauren Howard (head coach)

"Joley is the athlete of athletes!!! She’s a 3-sport varsity athlete and stands out in all three. Her dedication to being an all around athlete is unmatched!! With today’s high school athletes, this is uncommon.. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do at the next level!! Good luck JO!!!

Funny fact about Joley. She actually thought she was faster than me!!! I had to prove her wrong last summer at practice. I’ve still got the tape to prove it!!! 😂"- Grant McCulloch (head varsity assistant coach)

"Sorry about your knee but you're a really good basketball player and track star."


"You are a great player and friend! Love you so much, Jo!"


"Joley is such a fun person to be around and I have loved playing with her in high school. So excited to see your future."
"A great mentor and literally the sweetest person ever, you bring so much for the team and are always providing for others."


"Jo, you are the best, and you are a baller."


"You are one of the most kind people I have ever met! You are also incredibly fast and such an amazing player! I loved that you gave it your everything every time you played!"


- Teammates