Senior Spotlight


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"We once challenged Sofia to get her 'crown' and help straighten other people's crowns (if needed) along the way. She has taken that challenge to heart these past few years and we know she'll do big things as she works to become a pediatric nurse or maternal health nurse. She's headed to the University of Utah in the fall to begin that work. We are so proud of the caring person she has become and can't wait to see what the future brings her. We love you, Sofia!" - Chiqui (mom), Jeff (dad), and Sabrina (little sis)

"Sofia has been the program's team manager the last two seasons, and when we say she is irreplaceable, we truly mean it. For a student to step into a role of being so committed to a team that she does not physically play for is truly amazing. From filming all of the varsity games, filling her teammates' water bottles and being Sherwood Girls Basketball's biggest cheerleader, she will be so very missed by everyone in this program. 


One thing that I will remember about Sofia is her filming commentary. The first game she filmed all I could hear was Sofia yelling, some cheering for her teammates, some yelling at refs and some gossiping to friends. I remember sending her a text and reminding her that I could hear everything she said, she was embarrassed and proceeded to text me after almost every game that first year, warning me of the content I might find."- Lauren Howard (head coach)

"Sofia Flowers is our behind-the-scenes gal. She walks into the gym with a smile and walks out with a smile everyday. Her energy and attitude is contagious. We couldn’t have asked for a better team manager and she will be greatly missed!


My favorite memory of Sofia this season is when she was grabbing all the basketballs to sanitize them after practice one day. She went to grab one of the balls out of her little sister's arms, but her sister wasn’t done with the basketball yet. The siblings got into a little back and forth, pulling on the ball kind of match for a couple minutes. Sof, being the older sister, let go and walked away calmly until her sister was done. I will forever remember this moment!" - Grant McCulloch (head varsity assistant coach)

"I have loved having you as a team manager! You are so helpful for this team!"


"Sofia has always been so fun to talk to during the seasons. I am so happy she’s able to be our manager. Thank you for all you do!" 


"You're a good team manager and so kind and sweet."


"It was always so fun having you at practices and games! You were such a good team manager and I appreciate everything you did for us!"


- Teammates