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Senior Spotlight


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"McKenna is such a joy to our family! She can be the sweetest human but also  stands her ground and doesn’t get pushed around easily. We can’t believe our  baby girl is a senior and heading off to college. We have LOVED watching  her play basketball from the rough YMCA years to the action packed middle  school days and now faced paced high school. We could not ask for a more  loving, smart, beautiful & kind daughter. She makes us proud everyday." - Dad, Mom, Michael, Luke, Lucky, Lucy and Otis

"McKenna is such an amazing leader on and off the court. She is always willing to learn and adjust on the fly. McKenna works so hard and is always there for her teammates no matter what. Her contributions to this program are bigger than she will ever know. McKenna will be so missed next season!"- Lauren Howard (head coach)

"Thank you so much for an incredible season!!! I’m going to miss you and your energy all the time and your compassion for everyone. I love you so much Kenna and am going to miss you!!!! Love, Sabs"

"McKenna, I’ve always admired your kindness and inclusiveness towards everyone, and your ability to always have fun! I also want to thank you for always being so supportive and encouraging! It’s meant so much to me these past couple years! I love you and am going to miss you so so much, but I hope this next part of your life brings you so many blessings! Love, Paige"

"McKenna! You’re such an angel, you will be missed so much. Your energy radiates like no other. I love you so much!! Go do big things <3 -emmy"

"KENNA!! We’ve always been close but I love how extra close we got this year. I am gonna miss you more than you know. Your positive attitude and your hugs are some of my favorite things. I love you kenna <33 -b "

"It is crazy how quickly this season has come to an end. I’m so glad to have been a part of your team and been able to witness your amazing personality. Every part of you is going to be missed, so much love to you. - Syd"

"Mckenna, thank you for being such a bright light on and off the court. Even when I’m extremely heated for some reason, even your smile changes my mood in a snap. I wish I had more time to get to know you because you are such an amazing person and you will go so far in life. I’m so excited to see what is next for you! Love you so much, girly! -Jackie"

"McKenna, im sad to see you go, but im so excited for your future!  You will go far in life and we will always be here supporting you <3-Ava"


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