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Senior Spotlight


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"We have loved watching you play basketball since your first Lay-ups team with your cousin in 3rd grade! Dad's reluctance to coach turned into enthusiasm and a great bonding experience for the two of you. Your perseverance, determination, and enthusiasm is admirable and we're excited to see that work for everything you tackle in college and beyond. Go Boxers!?, Wolves!?, Wildcats!?  No matter your choice, we love and support you." - Mom, Dad, & Kalli  (Ni!)

"Jandi has been an absolute joy to coach. If we had an award for Teammate of the Year, Jandi would win. Hands down. If you were to watch every game film, you'd see one girl among all others excited for her teammates and their plays. She is caring, passionate, intelligent, and committed to the team's success. As the lone senior of the Class of 2023, we wish her the very best at Western Oregon University, Pacific University, or Linfield University.  Go Bowmen." - Coach Jeff Anderson (Head Coach)

"Jandi, you are not only an amazing teammate and athlete, but a friend too. You're always positive and hardworking, it's super fun to be around you. Thank you for all the times you had to braid my hair before games. It's gonna be super weird next year without you. It was super fun playing with you and Ima miss you, gurlie!" - Tali

"Jandi thank you so much for being such an amazing teammate. You are always so positive with everyone and you are always cheering for every single one of us. I love playing on your team I am going to miss you so much!" - Kaitlin

"Jandi, thank you for such a fun year. Through the ups and the downs you were always the best teammate and so supportive whenever. I love playing with you and I can’t wait to see where your future takes you! Congrats on senior night!" - Sabrina

"Jandi, I know we haven’t played together for very long but your tenacity, determination and overall work ethic is contagious on the court! Thank you for being a trustworthy and understanding teammate! I’m excited to see how you thrive and grow after high school." - Jackie

"Jandi is the best teammate I’ve ever had. She is so kind and supportive and is always there for her teammates no matter the game situation. Whether she is having a good game or a bad game she always makes sure to be there for us. She also is one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met and for those reasons I am thankful to have a friend like Jandi." - Brynn

"Jandi, it’s been so great to know you for the last two years. I’ve gotten to know so much about you and I’m going to miss you when you leave. You’re the best hype buddy and such a good teammate. I’m going to miss you love you lots!" - Kylie

"Jandi is one of the most selfless people I know on and off the court. She is encouraging and supportive and always works hard. I have much respect for her and consider myself lucky to have been able to play with her for the past few years. She is truly the best teammate and a great friend and I am so grateful for her." - Kate

"Jandi has always stood out to me as one of the best teammates. She’s always been so supportive, uplifting, and encouraging. Whenever she goes out on the court, her effort is admirable. Playing with Jandi this past year has been so much fun, and I’m so excited to see what great things she does in her future!" - Paige

"Jandi, you’ve been such a fun person to get to know over these past couple years. You’re so sweet and supportive and I’ve loved watching you grow!! I hope your plans go amazing for after college and we can stay in touch!" - Celia

"Jandi -- You're truly one of the best teammates I've ever gotten the honor to play with. We love you so much and are going to miss you but can't wait to see what your future holds!!" - Emerson

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