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Senior Tributes


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"Ava, Congratulations on all you have accomplished…so far.  We’ve watched in amazement at the inspiring, compassionate and resilient person you have become.  Keep developing your passion and following your dreams.  Your greatest adventure is about to begin, and you are ready for it.  We love you always and are so very proud of you.  Love, Mom, Dad and Sydney"

"A funny memory of Ava is watching your alter ego emerge during games is quite the spectacle; though I've yet to coin her name. She exudes fierceness and delivers witty remarks that demand a double take. 

Your unique blend of competitive spirit and selfless play is truly admirable and sets you apart as a remarkable teammate. Your dedication to the success of your teammates goes beyond mere skill; it reflects the depth of your character and leadership both on and off the court. It's not just about the points you score or the rebounds you grab; it's about the way you lift up those around you, inspiring them to reach their full potential. Your ability to balance your own drive for excellence with genuine care for the well-being and achievements of others is a testament to your outstanding character and the positive impact you have on your team. Your presence on the court is felt not only in the stats but in the camaraderie you foster and the unity you instill within the team. Your leadership shines through in the way you encourage, support, and uplift your teammates, creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

Embrace your time at Iowa wholeheartedly, seizing each day and immersing yourself fully in the journey ahead. Making the most of every moment.  I'm eagerly anticipating your journey, both on and off the court. While many recognize Ava as a talented basketball player, there's a depth beyond the game. She's a bright individual who possesses a clear sense of self and vision for her future endeavors." - Coach Sanders

"Ava is one of the most genuine and considerate people I’ve met. I’ve only been here for this season to get to know her but to this day I haven’t heard one rude thing come out of her mouth. Shes shows me how to treat people on a day to day basis. She's the most unselfish and dedicated teammate on the court.  Something I love about Ava’s is her love for 80’s music. I’ll always remember preseason, when both of us sat on the bench being injured buddies. I got a lot of tips on how to control yourself on the bench from her. I'm so excited for Ava’s future at Iowa, and can’t wait to watch her on the big screen!! Gonna miss the best Beast ever!" - Izabella 

"When I think of Ava I think of all the times she’s made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. The one that sticks out to me is on our team retreat at the beach, we were on the couch and she was scrolling on TikTok and video after video was just Josh Hutcherson over and over and over again no matter how far she would scroll. I also think of all the times she’s stood by her own opinions regardless of what other people are saying. She’s one of the most authentic, humble, unselfish, caring, and funny people I know. I’ll miss you loads but I know you’re going to have a great time  at Iowa. You’re one of the most hardworking people I know and it’s going to get you so far, have a great time in college!" - Kylie 

"Ava is such a fun person to be on the court with. She’s such a great leader and knows how to encourage each of her teammates in the right way. She’s the most unselfish team player I know. I’ve learned so much from being around her this year, and I’m going to miss her next year! She has such a big impact on the court and as a leader. I’ve been able to to see Ava succeed in both club and school basketball and I can’t wait to see her kill it at Iowa!!" - Laney


"Ava, you bring so much to our team. Your defensive talk, your high energy, and your positive attitude. Anytime someone has a question you’re there right away to help. I’m so happy I got to play with you this year -- it was a really fun year. One memory I have of you is how funny you are. Your jokes make the whole team smile and always asking people to play Roblox! I know you’re going to have the best time at Iowa playing hoops and going to school. I’m so excited to watch you on ESPN next year! You’re going to do great things." - Natalie

"When I started practicing against Varsity I hadn’t realized just how fun it is to play against Ava. During games and practice, Ava’s always making you a better player with extremely useful and perfectly timed instructions and comments. Aside from Ava being a basketball genius and an amazing teammate, she is so humble and you can ask her about anything and she’s willing to share. I can’t wait to watch you play at Iowa, Ava!" - Tenley

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