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Senior Tributes


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"Kaitlin… you are so fun to watch. Your powerful, positive energy towards everyone you encounter makes us proud of who you are becoming. Even when it’s hard, you seem to have a smile on your face, and an outstretched hand for an opposing teammate down on the floor. We can see you learning how the highs and lows of the game are preparing you for what to expect in the outside world. Already we see adversity teaching you what’s important, that it’s the experience and the journey you are taking with those close to you. Your energy is a force to behold. Any team you are with in athletics or on your path in the future will benefit from your happy, positive, Laissez Faire attitude and free spirit. We are so proud of you!" - Mom and Dad

"A funny memory I have of Kaitlin has to be seeing her singing a song mid game. Anytime I see Kaitlin singing a song to herself I know she is locked in.


Kaitlin is not just a great teammate; she's the kind of person you look forward to spending time with both on and off the court. Her easygoing nature and infectious personality make her a joy to be around, bringing positivity and camaraderie to the team. When it comes to game day, you can always count on Kaitlin to show up and give her all. Her relentless work ethic and determination make her a force to be reckoned with, especially on the boards where she consistently dominates as a relentless rebounder. Additionally, Kaitlin physicality adds another dimension to her game, allowing her to make a significant impact on both ends of the court.


As you embark on your academic journey, I hope you discover joy and fulfillment in every step you take. I have no doubt that you'll tackle this next chapter with enthusiasm and skill, making every moment count. Your free-spirited nature and zest for life illuminate everything you touch. I eagerly anticipate witnessing the fantastic decisions you'll make and the extraordinary adventures that lie ahead. Here's to embracing the journey with open arms and making unforgettable memories along the way!" - Coach Sanders

"Kaitlin, you are my best friend and I am one of your biggest supporters. I remember coming into freshman year summer ball and getting to be on the same team. I loved getting passes from you or giving you passes to hit some shots. I loved how our team would call us 'Romig Power'. It was such a cool experience to play with my sister and not a lot of people get that so I’m very grateful and lucky for this opportunity I got to share with you. Another memory I will always have is our car rides back home where we always would be blasting our music and sing together. Or, if we’re not in a singing mood we just talk. I’m really going to miss our after practice car rides.You always have a smile on your face and you are never negative no matter the case or time. You are a big part of our program -- being funny, always having that full smile but you also know when to be serious during a tight game. You have amazing features that make you one of the best people to be around." - Natalie

"I don’t remember my first interaction with Kaitlin, however I do remember she was one of the first people I talked to. She was so incredibly friendly and was one of the first people who welcomed me as a freshman. One of my favorite memories is our talks before games, both in the locker room and watching the team before us on the bleachers. Kaitlin, I going to miss you so much and I hope you have a great time in college and live it up!" - Kylie

"One thing I love about Kaitlin is she’s always smiling! Her smile is so contagious; she’s always positive and supporting all of her teammates. A memory I shared with Kaitlin this year that stuck, was the late night talk with me and Paige on the beach trip. We stayed up till about 4 am having fun and getting to hear more about her life other than basketball, while munching on some yummy pizza bites. I hope college treats you good and everything works out, gonna miss you and your smile!!" - Izabella 

"Kaitlin is such a fun person to be around. she always finds the good in every situation and I’ve enjoyed playing with her so much. you can always count on Kaitlin to put a smile on your face or make you laugh, even in a serious situation. I’ve connected with Kaitlin a lot this season and I can truly say I’m going to be so sad next year once she’s gone. I hope college is an amazing experience for you!" - Laney


"Kaitlin is always so fun to be around, she’s always smiling and giggling which spreads to everyone around. She’s also a go-with-the-flow kind of person, I’ve never seen her truly upset. Kaitlin is also so kind, in a group she always finds a way to make you feel heard. I loved getting to know you in San Diego and I’m going to miss you! Hope you have a great time in college!" - Tenley 

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