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Senior Tributes


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"KK - As you know, we could not be more proud.  Your resilience, grace, and hard work never go unnoticed.  Thank you for always being a kid that anyone would want on their team.   We love you sis, and can't wait to see what's next!!!" - Mom & Dad

"One of the funniest memories I shared with the Kate was definitely during our 'Mic'd up Monday' sessions. Your commentary and personality were just next level, turning even the most mundane moments into hilarious highlights. Whether it was your witty one-liners, your playful banter with teammates, or your unexpected reactions to the action on the court, you had us all in stitches every time.


One of the things I truly admire about you as a player is your competitive spirit. You have this incredible knack for rising to the occasion, never backing down from a challenge. It's rare to come across someone with such unwavering grit and determination and it's a quality that sets you apart on the court and I am sure on the field. Your ability to bring your A-game, day in and day out, is something I deeply respect and admire. Keep shining and never lose that fire that fuels your competitive drive—it's what makes you such an exceptional player and teammate.


As you venture into college, my greatest wish for you is that you continue to embrace every opportunity that comes your way with the same level of passion and determination that you've shown on the court. May you find fulfillment in your academic pursuits and discover new passions and interests along the way. I hope you encounter mentors who inspire and guide you, friendships that enrich your life, and experiences that shape you into the person you aspire to be. Remember to stay true to yourself, remain resilient in the face of challenges, and never lose sight of your goals. Above all, I wish for you to find happiness and success in all aspects of your college journey, and may you continue to make a positive impact on those around you wherever life takes you." - Coach Sanders

"Kate’s a hilarious human being. I love being around Kate and having her as a teammate. My favorite memories I got to share with Kate was in Astronomy class. Having her in my first tri was very helpful to starting on a new team. She made me feel welcomed and excited for the season to start. I loved our drawing contest every period when we should have been doing work. I especially liked our precious pictures and conversations with Lucian. Kate never fails to make me laugh and have a good time! Go live it up at college, gonna miss you and Lucian so much!" - Izabella 

"Kate is just so fun to be around, she’ll burst into song at anytime and says the funniest stuff. Something I love most about Kate is her energy, she never fails to bring up the mood with her positivity and jokes. One of my favorite memories is when she would come into the locker room or into the gym and start singing Unwritten or the Wonka Chocolate song. Kate, I’m going to miss you lots, I hope you have a great time in college!" - Kylie 


"Kate is such a likable person. Everyone is always smiling when she’s around and that’s just the kind of teammate she is. Playing with kate is so fun and you can always hear her yelling and cheering for you with encouragement. Her hustle is always 100% when she’s playing, and does whatever it takes for her team. she’ll be missed so much next year and i really hope she enjoys college!" - Laney

"Kate, you are one of the funniest people I know. Your laughter is so contagious and your smile is so sweet. You’re one of the strongest people, you’re always getting right back up, and just working so hard every day. I’m so glad I get to see you so much and hang out with you after practice to get ice cream, food or just to talk. You really are a big sister to me and one my best friends. I’m going to miss you so much. A memory I will forever remember you for is the dab. One day you said we should bring the dab back and now our whole team is always dabbing on each other. It’s a special thing only our team will understand and I love that. I’m so excited for you to experience a new community away at college. You’re going to have so much fun!!" - Natalie 

"Kate is a joy to be around. Her dance skills are phenomenal, especially on bus rides or when we are playing our pre-game songs. Kate has a great sense of humor that never seems to fail, she knows just the right moment to crack a joke. Wishing you the best time in college!" - Tenley 

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