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Senior Tributes


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"Dear Paigey-Girl,

It's hard to believe we are here. Senior year with the next chapter so close on the horizon. It has been an absolute joy and blessing to watch you do your thing on the basketball court all of these years. Your drive, determination, composure, passion and amazing work ethic are both admirable and evident as it shines through you on the court. We have loved every second of cheering you on. We could not be more proud of you and all you have accomplished both on and off the court, but we are even more proud of the beautiful woman you are. The way you love God and love others is truly beautiful. We will always be your biggest cheerleaders, and that same drive, determination, passion, composure and work ethic will help you succeed in anything and everything. We love you more than words can say!

Love always and forever, Mom and Dad"

"Paige, I remember that time in the deafening gym when I tried to communicate something to you on the court and your response was a playful, 'What? I can't hear you!'? as I followed up with a thumbs up and a message of 'You're doing great,' to which I received a thumbs up in return. It was a moment that happened more than once and we chuckled about it each time.


When it comes to Paige, there are two standout qualities that truly define her. First, her unparalleled effort on the defensive end is unmatched; I've rarely seen someone compete with such relentless determination. Second, her energy is contagious and up-lifting. Paige is undeniably one of the best teammates I've had the privilege to coach throughout my career. She exudes positivity with her constant smile, enthusiastic clapping, and unwavering support for her teammates. She's an absolute joy to be around.


Paige, as you embark on this new chapter of your life in college, I want to wish you an incredible journey filled with growth, discovery and unforgettable memories. I have no doubt that you will continue to live life with the same enthusiasm and zest that you bring to each and every day.  As I witness the journeys you embark on, I have no doubt that you will live life to its fullest and create lasting memories, no matter where you decide to go to school or call home you will make those around you better. Your impact on this program and community will resonate for years to come, leaving behind a legacy that will be cherished by all who have had the privilege of knowing you." - Coach Sanders

"Paige, is the most hard working teammate l’ve ever had. She’s always giving her 100%. I'm always getting lifted up by her on and off the court. Paige is someone who’s delightful to be around. I love being able to be goofy with her, and happy we become closer outside of basketball. A core memory with Paige was one time we walked out to our cars after practice, somehow I ended up in her car. I was able to tell her past things that’s had happened in my life and open up feeling not judged and understood. I'm forever grateful for that moment and growing closer with her as person. She is someone who we’ll make it so far in life because of her drive, and personality. I'm gonna miss Paige so much, can’t wait for her to go to live it up at college next year."- Izabella 

"Paige is one of the most reliable and hard working people I know. I can count on her no matter what and she’s just a great person to be around. One thing I love most about playing with Paige is our connection, she finds the perfect opening for me to get it into her and we just overall play well together. She’s always friendly to everyone and makes everyone feel included. Paige, I hope you have a great time in college, I’ll miss you!" - Kylie 

"Paige made me feel so welcome during summer ball my freshman year. She is always giving 100% every game and practice. Paige is the person you can count on to lift you up on and off the court. she’s genuinely such a sweet person and an amazing teammate. I’m going to miss her so much after she graduates, and I'm so happy i met her! I can’t wait to hear how college goes!" - Laney

"Paige, you help our team so much always giving that 110% effort into every game. You hustle so much and truly are the most hardworking person I know. You’re always so positive towards everyone on this team and people off this team. You are so sweet with everyone you meet and always have that warm smile that just makes everyone want to talk to you. A big memory I have of you is when going to team camp. We were all upstairs after a long day sitting in a circle talking, and you had this idea to play games with us lower classmen. We all learned so much about each other and learned so much about you. I love how you’re always there for us and how sweet you are to everyone. I’m wishing great things in these next couple years. Going into college I know you’re going to have an amazing time and your future friendships are so lucky for what they are about to gain." - Natalie 


"Paige is such an amazing human being, she is so genuine and kind, and always seems to have a big smile on her face, even when things might not be going her way. She has probably the best work ethic and attitude on the team and is always giving 100%. Hope you have the best college experience ever!" - Tenley 

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