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Senior Tributes


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"Who would've thought that you wanting the Sherwood Girls Classic shooter shirt in 5th Grade would take you this far? Your love and passion for the game -- from the physical aspect of it to the analysis and science of the game -- has grown every year and it has been so much fun to watch! You've taken every challenge basketball (and life) has thrown at you with a fierceness,goofiness, and kindness that we hope will stick with you well after high school.

Sabs, It has been our honor having your back and being by your side. We love you very much and are so very, VERY proud of you." - Mom, Dad, Ate (big sis in Tagalog), and Zoe

"One memory with Sabs has to be at team camp, trudging back from a game after what felt like a never-ending marathon of hoops three days prior. You turned to me with a deadpan expression and said, 'You know, you drink so much coffee, I'm starting to worry about you.' And there I was, clutching my trusty coffee cup like it was my lifeline, realizing my love for coffee might be reaching legendary levels. 


Sabs epitomizes outstanding leadership, both in practices and games. She has truly excelled in showing how to lead a team effectively. Watching your evolution into such a leader and genuine Point Guard has been an extraordinary journey. I consider myself fortunate to have been part of this remarkable process. Your innate ability to push the ball in transition, find your teammates at the perfect moment, and nail a DEEP three from downtown, never fails to impress.


Your future at Bushnell looks incredibly promising and they are truly fortunate to have you as a part of their program. Your exceptional work ethic sets you apart and I have no doubt that you'll make significant strides in the college basketball world. I'm eagerly anticipating witnessing your growth and all that you'll achieve at the collegiate level. With your natural leadership abilities and dedication to the game, I can't help but imagine the impact you'll have not only on the court but also potentially as a coach in the future. Your understanding of the game, combined with your ability to motivate and inspire others, would make you a formidable force in guiding the next generation of athletes. Whether it's mentoring younger players, leading training sessions, or strategizing during games, I have no doubt that coaching could be a fulfilling path for you.  Keep that possibility in mind as you continue to excel in your basketball journey." - Coach Sanders

"Sab is one of the most on-top-of-it people I know. She’s going to hold you accountable no matter what and that’s one of the things I love most about her. One of my favorite memories is when we’d sit in Robyn’s room and talk before games or practices. Sab, your future holds bright things. I’m going to miss you, I hope you have so much fun at Bushnell!" - Kylie


"Sabrina is such a hard worker and is so dedicated for her team. She has been a great team captain and I’ve loved being able to experience playing with her. I loved getting to know her off the court and spending time with her as well. I love joking around and having fun with her. I’m going to miss her so much next year and I know she’s going to do so great playing in college!" - Laney

"Sabrina is an amazing teammate. She’ll always come game ready and prepared. You can always count on her on the court. One of my favorite memories with Sabs is at team camp. We shared a room together and had late night talks each night even though we were both super tired mentally and physically. Another thing about Sabrina that I love is her love for Starbucks before games. You’ll always see her with a strawberry açaí before a game. I hope she loves Bushnell and has a great college experience." - Izabella 

"Sabrina, you are a very helpful leader for our team on and off the courts. You do so much for all of us that help us be successful. Every time one of us has a question, you are always there to listen and you give very good advice. I love the role you have for our program and it suits you so perfectly. You are a huge role model for me -- my goal is to be just like you these next two years. You are so funny and always make me laugh. A silly memory I will always have for you is your dancing. You have made Sherwood look so good at all of our team camp lip syncs and have the best ideas.  Also every game or every practice, I will look over and you’re doing some new dance that is always so fun and silly, or dabbing on us. I can’t believe you’re already a senior! I have always looked up to you and always love how enjoyable you are to watch. I loved these two years playing with you and I wish you an amazing time playing ball at your new college Bushnell!" - Natalie 


"Sabrina is a natural leader and always has her hands on the reins, making sure everyone know what’s going on. She has such a great basketball mind and is always improving plays and recognizing situations that no one else did. I hope you have a fantastic time in college and continue to succeed in you basketball career!" - Tenley

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